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Adios Baires…

It’s been a long and unforgettable time here in Buenos Aires for all three of us. Although the end of the year meant a bit more enjoyment of the weather and parties than solid painting things certainly switched gear after the new year. We’ve had some intense moments, some amazing paint sessions, and more than anything have been impressed by the supportive, creative, and active community of artists that are taking full advantage of the relaxed atmosphere towards painting and working in the streets here. The biggest thanks must go out to Vomito Attack for hosting us for nearly 1 month during our long stay here!! Also thank you for the paint sessions, holiday cheer, too many parties, and just for being cool as shit… Chu, Tec and Fase Collective, El Tono, Blu, Tag Tool, Zumi, Maga, Sol, Kid Gaucho, Nazza Stencil, Maria, Nasa, Orilo, Sonni, BsAs Stencil, Run Don’t Walk, SMNR, Atypica, and anyone and everyone else we met while enjoying the hell out of this city. Hope to be back here soon!


Above:  Ashes to ashes we all…..


Ripo: Before showing you the final piece I painted in Buenos Aires, at the Mercado de Las Pulgas (Flea Market), I want to show the inspiration that was filling this place… old hand painted signs everywhere…


Above: If you saw the last post with the Do-Smilo-Cho you know noticed that it was all seperated and chopped up. For balance I passed the idea to my friend El Tono about doing a piece where all the letters were together with no breaks. ABOVELTONO.



Ripo: Somone once told me that a great work of art must be Timeless. Whether or not this is a great work of art isn’t up to me, but I do know that the history of the Flea Market I painted it on is unbelievably rich and I continued to learn more and more about it as I finished the piece. The space itself and the furniture and wares being sold within are a flashback to a time ago, although still continuing into the future. Not to mention the team of workers onsite who repair and restore old pieces daily, using timeless hand crafting techniques. This piece was something special for me…

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More More More…

Buenos Aires is still getting hit by Ripo and Above as well as many other Artists, from Argentina and well beyond. It’s the perfect time of year to be here, although the heat can be nearly crippling during the middle of the day, and all seem to be taking full advantage of how chill it is to paint here. The walls are bleeding with color in this city…

Above:WIPE / IT ! This Wipe/It piece was a pivotal and overall fun piece for me. After the robbery situation I felt that In order to progress and move forward I needed to wipe clean that energy and come to terms with the new year. The Wipe/It piece was symbolical of that situation as well. Trying to be as creative as possible with this piece I decided to make it an installation piece that would be more logical to the people passing by on the street that might ask “Wipe it…wipe what?” Tying toilet paper on the wall and especially threading it through the overhead tree limbs was a blast. It reminded me of when I was younger going around my neighborhood “T-p-ing” houses.

Above: I enjoy the straight vertical lines mixed with the fluidity of the wind blown toilet paper. its a nice contrast between being organized and free flowing.


Ripo: The atmosphere in Buenos Aires is a creatively communal one, with big collaborative works becoming more and more common especially as more and more artists begin to travel down here. This is just one section of a BIG session realized over an entire Power Plant . Enjoy this visual mash-up made up of El Tono, Nasa, PMP, Sonni, and myself…


Above: When I saw this wall with two large white splashes and the drips falling down the wall I thought to myself that it needed More/Drips to really make an impact.


Ripo: Hands on the wall… Taking Back something we never want to hear…

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Back in Business

First off I want to say thank you for all support we’ve received from everybody regarding the last post. It means a lot to hear from everybody following this trip. Now that the artists are back in business here’s a few fresh pics, one from the past year and a couple from this one.

Above: Do

Above: Smilo

Above: Cho

Above: If you read the previous post you know I had a scattered start to the new year. This word/play is a reflection of that. Say it with me out loud. Do-Smilo-Cho… one more time Dos-Mil-Ocho (Two Thousand Eight for all you non-Spanish speakers!)

Ripo: Tall legs with a totally different style to finish up the past year. Flowing with an aquatic theme on this wall and throwing in a tattoo style.

Above (Casi) & Ripo (Casa): Casi/Casa (Almost/House)

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Fuck You Thieves!

As we said before it’s been quite a start to the new year. I’m going to leave the artists to tell their stories…


Ripo: I took a few days off for myself to go visit a friend of mine running a magazine, Atypica in another one of the major cities in Argentina, Rosario. It was a nice bit of time off and to get to know another part of the country, and leave a bit of new year’s painting there as well (as you can see above), but the heat was nearly unbearable and I had a very close call while there. The first night I spent there at my friend’s house I was woken up to a closet half ablaze (thanks to a forgotten candle left burning) and dangerously close to spreading quickly. Thankfully we managed to put it out without it going out of control and causing any extensive damage to us or to the house, but it certainly made me stop and think about how this year is going to shape up. While traveling, living in some uncertain situations, it can all change pretty damn quickly…

But that wasn’t the end of it. The same afternoon after the fire while working online it began to rain, but not just rain, this turned into apocalyptic hail storm with rocks of ice pounding down for nearly 30 minutes with insane winds sending them nearly horizontal. I’ve only seen something like this once before in my life, but after the fire the previous morning and now this my head was kind of twisted. But living scared is bullshit and I want to know that if I go tomorrow at least I enjoyed and took advantage of as many moments in my life as possible. That’s what traveling like this is about for me and what following my art is about. Live Life.

I’m not going to go on because I wasn’t the only one with a close calls. I’ll let Above tell you his story…


I’m not sure where to start..? maybe to clear my throat I’ll start off with FUCK YOU THIEVES!

The day after New Years fellow friend and artist El Tono ( and I were painting together in an area called Villa Urquiza in Buenos Aires. This area has many large walls and open spaces to paint. Many of our local friends have painted this area numerous times over the years and have not had any negative experiences. El Tono and I arrived at the wall (see photo below) around 2 in the afternoon. With the summer in full swing here the sun was intense making painting rather difficult. After painting for almost an hour two young kids suddenly turn the corner of the building, show each El Tono and me their Guns that each had tucked in their pants and demand our cameras from us (in broad day light)! El Tono and I were much older than these two young punks, but we were being robbed at Gunpoint in an area we were not all that familiar with.

As a traveling Artist your camera is one of your best friends and most important asset to document all the hard work and numerable experiences from different countries you encounter. The two thieves didn’t actually see my camera but assumed I had one and kept insisting that I give them my camera. I kept telling them I didn’t have a camera and one thief was telling El Tono in Spanish “see your friend here, he’s dead. I’m going to kill your friend if he doesn’t give us his camera!”  I was just as firm in not giving them my camera as they were in demanding it from me….until the thief pulled out his gun and pointed it at me.

Maybe some of your reading this now have had a similar experience or can imagine what thoughts were going thru my head at this point.  I was thinking about what was important to me in my life. My security, but just as well my artworks and integrity. Maybe I was brave, or just flat out naive but what is important in life to me is my artwork and photos from past experiences from different countries. I was ready to defend my passion up until the Gun was pointed at my body and felt unsafe. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again that life is “Beautifully Ugly”.  Life can change at any point and what is important is to live it as much as possible while you can because there is no security in knowing when something like this could happen.

After handing over my camera to the thieves both El Tono and I were then told to stand next to the wall as our hands were then cuffed with plastic wire by the two kids. Sitting there with our hands cuffed the thieves told us to look at the wall and not to turn around or they would shoot us. 15 seconds later we turned around and the two thieves were gone.
Life is a learning experience and is filled with puzzling situations and outcomes. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise, or just being at the right place, but at the wrong time? The “why” questions perhaps will never be answered but one thing is for sure Anger is a strong and nasty emotion to have.  When Anger is held on to for long periods of time it can and will decay a person and their spirit.It’s been a week now since I was robbed at Gunpoint by 2 thieves and up until these past days the Anger was getting the best of me. Time heals as well as a better perspective on life and what is important in it. I have come to terms with this situation and  I’m more optimistic about 2008 and all of the great experiences and art that will come out of it!  2008 Full Fucking Speed Ahead!  _ABOVE.

Above: The thieves were only interested in our cameras and money. They succeeded in getting both but overlooked our paint. Only minutes after being robbed in literally the exact same spot I painted this on the wall.El Tono’s piece was 1/2 done as you can see. (Photo courtesy of El Tono’s telephone that didn’t get robbed!)

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A Rocky Start to 2008

It’s been an interesting/hectic start to the new year, including house fires, drawn guns, lazy police, and hail storms. Thankfully we’re all alright and we’ll be back in the next few days with details and new works. 

When written in Chinese the word “crisis” is composed of two characters – one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.”  ~John F. Kennedy

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Ready to Rush…

2008 is about to come down on us like a ton of bricks, so before that happens we wanted to show you a few of the last pieces of the 2007 leg of the South Central Tour.

Ripo: You never know, those who are Unfamous may one day become…

Above: Sundays are always fundays to paint or duck out of the heat and go swimming. Passing by the pool I wanted to jump in but I needed a Swim/Suit instead of my paint overalls. I had to improvise so I painted the word play instead.

Apparently Argentines are experts in the French car, Deux Chevaux. This was one of three that were being worked on at the same time on the same block.

Above: It depends on how you measure success. I had a fun time painting this word play. It might take a while to read it but its all there.

Ripo: Pigeons always seem to congregate in run down places…

Old school

Above and Ripo also got down on a few more major paintings during these past few days, specifically taking part in a BIG paint session with roughly 30 artists at a power plant, but we’ll save those pics for next year…

For now, Happy New Year! and may 2008 be creative, inspirational, and an opportunity for us all to meet new people and keep trying to figure out what the hell each of us are doing on this tiny rock.

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Happy Holidays From Buenos Aires

Obviously it’s been the holiday season and even the tireless need to rest sometimes. So after arriving here in Buenos Aires, Argentina Ripo, Above, and I took our time getting to know this enormous city. A huge change after a tiny capital like Asuncion, Buenos Aires and its surrounding area has nearly 12 million people inhabiting it.

We quickly met up with some great people from a number of artist collectives around town and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the event they organized, the third edition of the Expression Session. Being an outdoor festival we took the opportunity to enjoy the amazing weather and bask in one of the most alive, creative, and friendly atmospheres we’ve seen in awhile.The most amazing part of the day was seeing the variety of work that people were doing at the event. While the event was mostly taken over by bubbly characters and intricate stencils there were others who were printing shirts, djing, making sculptures, doing video projections, and the coolest thing we saw were the paper hot air balloons that people were setting off.

After enjoying an amazing holiday meal at a friend’s house the artists got back to painting.

Above:  Passing the corner, happen to see this nice orange wall….the style still needs work but fuck it, I tried my best!

Ripo: Summer colors for a summer paint session. Not finished yet…

Above: Still trying to perfect this style.. thus for the picture I cut out all the other bullshit. Enjoy the cutbacks and colors of this piece.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, ready to charge 2008 full speed ahead! 

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